Statkraft Ventures invests in DCbrain an AI company optimizing complex energy, supply chain and logistics networks

21 Jun, 2022

Statkraft Ventures leads the €5m funding round into DCbrain with co-funding from Breed Reply. DCbrain is a deeptech SaaS platform using AI and Hybrid-AI algorithms to optimize and plan complex networks on the fly. DCbrain operates more than 10 million km of transmission lines integrated and optimized in its AI platform. It is used by energy and supply chain network managers to better manage and optimize their assets.

DCbrain’s solution is the go to solution for complex network optimisations, like networks with numerous interconnected links and nodes, with different capacities which are changing dynamically. These are situations supply chain companies are facing on a daily basis. The solution is already used by major operators such as STEF, a large French refrigeration transport company with more than 4,000 trucks, over 100,000 recipients per day for 9,000 shippers. For STEF, DCbrain provides recommendations for optimized traction plans while significantly reducing overall inter-agency transport costs. All DCbrain’s logistics customers are increasing their Supply Chain resilience, saving massive fuel costs and reducing their CO2 footprint (-5 to 10% for STEF, targeting -30% by 2030) through better planning and usage of the transportation capacities with improved truck filling rates. 

DCbrain’s platform is also being used by large gas networks managers (DSO or TSO) to better integrate green gases into their complex networks.

“ DCbrain has impressed us with quick payback times and high ROIs for its supply chain and logistics customers. We are proud to support the company on its internationalization.” –  said Stefan Hülsen, Managing Director at Statkraft Ventures