Startups Defining the Wind Sector

Here is our latest mapping of the start-ups in the wind-energy-sector. We see a lot of activity along the whole value-chain, from site- assessment to re-powering.

From our VC-perspective we are particularly interested in the operations and maintenance part: we think this will be increasingly relevant to improve the overall economics of wind-power much faster than the decreasing cost for generation hard-ware would allow alone. We also see that many technology building-blocks have matured over the last years, including IoT, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and robotics. This makes it much more capital efficient and faster for new entrants to build great solution.

Also, we are really happy with the two investments  in this space (Limejump and Skyspecs) and we are eager to do more. So contact us if you are building the next big thing in windpower.